A Magical and Simple Method to Restore the Radiance of Silver

No need for specialized cleaners or intricate procedures—just common household items and four simple steps to restore the radiant shine of your pure silver jewelry.

Materials Needed:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Table salt
  • Hot water
  • Soft cloth


  1. Line a Bowl with Foil:

    Line a bowl with aluminum foil, ensuring the shiny side is facing up. Place your tarnished silver pieces on the foil.

  2. Add Salt and Hot Water:

    Sprinkle a generous amount of table salt over the silver pieces. Pour hot water into the bowl, allowing the salt to dissolve.

  3. Let It Soak:

    Allow the silver to soak in the solution for 5-10 minutes, letting the chemical reaction break down tarnish.

  4. Rinse and Dry:

    Remove the silver, rinse it under cold water, and pat it dry with a soft cloth. Admire the restored brilliance!


Reviving your silver jewelry is as easy as 1-2-3 with this DIY method. Give your beloved pieces a spa day and watch them shine like new!

Remember, always exercise caution and avoid using this method for silver pieces with delicate gemstones or intricate details. Happy cleaning!

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